Left-Arm Spinner’s 360-Degree Turn Before Delivery Stuns Cricket World

Tanuja Saikhom | 3 months ago

In a bizarre incident in the cricket match, a left-arm spinner made a 360-degree turn before delivering the ball, leaving the cricket enthusiasts around the world stunned. During an Under-23 CK Nayudu match between Uttar Pradesh and Bengal in Kalyani, spinner Shiva Singh turned his body from his left to right and back to left hand delivering round the wicket.

The match umpire Vinod Seshan called the Uttar Pradesh left-arm spinner's move a “dead ball”. The incident has now started a debate over the fair or unfair as per the game rule regarding the umpire’s call.

Left-arm spin legend Bishan Singh Bedi took to Twitter to react to the incident. “Weirdo…!! Have a close look…!!,” he wrote in his tweet accompanying with the video.

Watch video:

Meanwhile, former English batsman Michael Vaughan expressed his interest in the bizarre baling action, giving the famous hashtag quote “It’s a 10 from Len” by retweeting a video.

“Love this ... We keep saying bowlers must bring new innovation ... No Issue at all with this ... #Itsa10fromLen,” Vaughan tweeted.

According to the law 41.2 on Fair and Unfair play, umpires have the right to judge whether an action by a player is fair or not.

"The umpires shall be the sole judges of fair and unfair play. If either umpire considers an action, not covered by the Laws, to be unfair he/she shall intervene without appeal and, if the ball is in play, call and signal Dead ball and implement the procedure as set out in 41.19. Otherwise, umpires shall not interfere with the progress of play without appeal except as required to do so by the Laws," the law states.