Aakash Chopra Names His Favourite for World Cup 2019

| 2 months ago

Former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra predicts India as favourites for World Cup 2019. The sports commentator believes that the current Indian side has everything that it takes to lift the prestigious trophy in England.    

"Well, India start as favourites irrespective of how far the World Cup is at this point of time and I see them at the podium holding the trophy, hopefully. They do have whatever it takes to win the trophy," said Chopra as per a report by Times Of India. 

"This is the team that has a lot of things going in its favour. The bowling is outstanding and you have got some of the finest batsmen. So a lot of things are in India's favour and hopefully, England will be nice and accommodating for us as it has happened in the past the two Champion Trophies - finalists once, winners once. So hopefully in the 2019 World Cup - we will be able to pick up the trophy," he remarked.

Aakash Chopra also said that India has finally found a permanent number four batsman post-Rayudu’s exploits against West Indies.

"Well, we tried a dozen batsmen at number 4 but now it feels that Ambati has sealed the deal. His boarding pass, in my opinion, is already printed for that flight to England. I see him batting in England at number 4 unless something drastic happens in the meantime."