Here’s What Virat Kohli Has To Say About The New Australian Team

| 2 months ago

Post the ball-tampering scandal, Australian cricket Team have been trying hard to showcase their best behavior on the pitch which has, perhaps, led to a downfall in their aggressive style of play.

While some suggest that Australians should play the way they are known for, some are of the view that the Kangaroos must put a limit to their aggression and not cross the line. 

In the recent press conference, Indian skipper Virat Kohli was asked as to how the Australian should go ahead of the first test, the skipper in his reply said the Australian must not dwell on what had happened in the past and should play competitively.

"I don't think, personally, any team should be totally negative after
 something like that happens (ball-tampering fallout)." Virat Said.

"But the competitiveness will be there because you eventually
 want to get the guys out. If the situation is going your way, and
you understand against the important guy in the opposition, you will
go hard at that person. Be it your body language or putting in a word

or two." He added.

Australia playing without the services of Smith and Warner obviously look weak on paper, however,  Virat Kohli insists on the fact that Australia is still very much tough to beat in their own backyard.

"You definitely can't take any side for granted and more so Australia in
 Australia because regardless of what happened, the skill level is still
 there. So you have to respect that. At the end of the day, however,
 you talk or behave in a certain manner, it's your skill level that comes
(into play)," he signed off.