Big Bash League: Heads Or Tails? No Mate, Hills Or Flats

Tanuja Saikhom | 2 months ago

Whether it is for fun or some serious cricket, whenever Kangaroos do things their way, they are good at bringing odds to the world. Love it or hate it, Cricket Australia is adopting a bizarre method to decide the winner of the toss between two captains in the pre-game ritual. The board on Monday announced that the traditional “coin toss in the KFC Big Bash League is no more.”

According to the new rule, the team captain will flip a bat and choose between “hills” and “flats” instead of "heads" or "tails" to decide who bats/bowls first.

“Instead captains will face a decision between ‘hills’ and ‘flats’ - or 'roofs' and 'flats' - with a bat flip to replace the traditional method when the eighth edition of the Twenty20 competition starts on December 19,” Cricket Australia said.

"For me, it's a great moment which reflects what BBL is about," Cricket Australia's head of the Big Bash League, Kim McConnie said.

Hinting at the popularity of bat flip in backyard cricket, McConnie said, “Some people don't like change, but I'd also challenge people to say when was the last time anyone watched the coin toss or really focused on it? 

We are making it much more relevant to families, we are creating a moment, which is much more fitting with kids."

Dismissing the concerns over the fairness of the bat-flipping process, McConnie said, "I've got it from a great authority at our (bat-maker) Kookaburra friends that this is a tested and weighted bat to deliver that equity.”

The away team captain will call out their preferred side of the bat as it is being tossed and it must complete at least one full rotation.

The England and Wales Cricket Board had already scrapped the mandatory toss in the County Championship from 2016 to reduce the degree of home advantage.

In May, ICC discussed the ECB’s plan to remove the coin toss and there is a rumor about introducing the bat flip in next summer's Ashes series between England and Australia.

The eighth edition of BBL season featuring eight teams will commence on December 19 and end on February 17, 2019. Defending champions Adelaide Strikers will take on Brisbane Heat in the opening match.