Two Indian players who made the difference according to Justin Langer

| 1 month ago

The Indian players are boasting with a triumphant smile right now and why won’t they? Virat Kohli and Co. are leading the series 2-1 and will look to make it 3-1 in a bid to win the series for the first time in Australia.  Be it Pujara and Kohli’ dominance, Mayank contribution at the top, middle order’s cameo’s or the bolwers’ spectacular performances, Indian players contributed collectively to win the third test in Melbourne. 

However, Australia’s coach asserts that it was India’s two best batsmen at the moment- Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara who made the difference in the match. 

"At this stage, the difference in the series is Pujara and Kohli, if
we're frank. Pujara averages 53 and Kohli has averaged 46 and
got a duck in the second innings. The lesson we learn from that
is he just absorbed all our pressure," Langer said.

Langer also thought that their first innings’ low score of 151-all-out costed them the match as it never allowed them to come back into the game. 

“It was a really tough Test match. I've said from day one it's going
to be 
a real arm wrestle the Test series and it feels like that. It has
been tough, 
we probably got the worst of the conditions in this Test
and our
first innings batting particularly was not up to the
work we put into it.
We feel disappointed and tired, but we are getting
ready to refresh and 
get ready for the fourth one," he added.

India will play the fourth test against Australia on January third in Sydney.