‘I Did Not Read A Single Paper In The Last Four To Five Weeks’- Starc Opens Up On His Rough Patch

| 4 months ago

Post the ball-tampering scandal, team Australia haven't been able to bring happiness to their fans and has been playing the worst cricket in the history of Australian cricket until the Sri Lankan tour. 

With Smith and Warner not been in the side all this while, Mitchell Starc’s patchy run has made Australia helpless and accept defeats at the hands of Pakistan and India. 

With only four wickets in the two tests against Pakistan and 12 wickets in four tests against India, questions started arising over his position in the team as the best-seamer in the team. 

Come the Sri Lanka series, Mitchell Starc once again told the world why he is considered to be one of the best bowlers in the world. The left-arm pacer wreaked havoc by picking up 10-fer in the match (five-wicket haul in each inning).

Asked about his rough phase over the last few months, Starc asserted that he stopped listening to everyone and belied in his ability to overcome this period. 

"That's probably something I've really done the past four weeks. Not worry about it. It probably wore me down a bit going into new years', then I got off all the social media and haven't read a paper in four or five weeks. That's been the best thing for me, made me feel quite refreshed," he revealed.

The 29-year-old bowler did talk to few of his closed ones but believed one can be his best coach and always listen to his heart. 

"I've been working on it a fair bit. I had a really nice session with Andre Adams before the Sri Lankan series who is at NSW. And talking to a few people quite close to me who I have worked with over recent years. And putting the rest of the coaching and the other 450 coaches I've had over the past three weeks to the side. And going back to know what I know best. I am my own best coach and I know what's best for me.” He added.