Bumrah Will Be A Great Asset To India In the World Cup: Sachin Tendulkar

| 4 months ago

Legendary Batsman Sachin Tendulkar heaped praise for India’s current number one bowler Jasprit Bumrah for his dedication and passion towards the game. 

“Honestly, I had seen this coming. I am not surprised by Jasprit Bumrah’s success. Having spent time  with him and see his sincere and honest efforts to improve and learn, I always knew it was a matter of   time before he would rattle the best batsmen in the world.” 

Over the last couple of years, Jasprit Bumrah has become one of India’s mainstays, given the fact he has become the spearhead of Indian Test bowling line up in just 12 months. Bumrah played a stellar role in the recently concluded test-series against Australia, picking up 21 wickets on his first tour down-under. He was also the leading wicket-taker in the series.

Sachin Tendulkar asserts that Bumrah will be India’s greatest asset in the World Cup.

“His action and deceptive bowling, plus the consistency to take wickets, make him a dangerous bowler. He knows how to execute his plans. Bumrah will be a big threat to the opposition and a great asset to India at the World Cup.”

Owing to his hefty workload over the last couple of years, the 25-year-old bowler has been rested for the ongoing series against New Zealand. He will hopefully resume playing in the upcoming home series against Australia, starting from February 24.