FOX Sports Launches Australia’s Newest Sports Streaming Service “Kayo”

Tanuja Saikhom | 3 months ago

The business of broadcasting has no limitation when it comes to providing a happy binge-watching and enjoying the entertainment. After a series of success stories of streaming culture in film and TV industry, here comes a new big move in the sports sector. FOX Sports has launched its new multi-sports streaming service “Kayo” for sports fans in Australia. The Netflix-style sports streaming service is currently in beta testing and has been opened to the general public to sign up.

Kayo, the highly-anticipated on-demand streaming site is currently available for PCs, mobile devices and streaming via Chromecast, with apps such as Android, iOS, Apple TV, and Telstra TV. It offers more than 50 sports including both international and Australian major sports events such as A-League, W-League, Cricket, F1, AFL, NRL, golf, tennis and more.

The packages start out at $25 a month for two devices or $35 for three with 14 days free trial.

“Kayo is the proudly Australian game-changing sports streaming service created to give you the ultimate way to get closer to the sports you love,” the website reads.

Earlier this year, Foxtel has hinted at launching a "Netflix of sport", registering the trademarks for Kayo Sports.