The Sports Rumour is now The Avi Nanda Podcast

Govind Singh | 5 months ago

We core members of The Sports Rumour are pleased to announce that we have signed a definitive licensing agreement for distribution rights and for the exclusive and non-exclusive rights to The Avi Nanda Podcast.


The agreement grants “The Avi Nanda Podcast” the license to infuse The Sports Rumour's products and services. The Sports Rumour has agreed to customize branding and labeling of its products and services for The Avi Nanda Podcast.


About The Avi Nanda Podcast

The Avi Nanda Podcast is a free audio and video podcast hosted by Indian entrepreneur, Avinash Nanda and produced by USA Based Investor Sharique Raza. It was launched on may 1st, 2019 with motive to cover all types of podcast.