My Career In Football Isn’t Over: Usain Bolt

| 3 months ago

A man who has won so many accolades in sprinting is currently working hard on his skills to become a professional footballer. Perhaps, things might not be going Bolt’s way lately, but the 100m world record holder isn’t going to bow down any at any cost.

In a bid to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a footballer, Usain Bolt was arrived in Australia in August to play for Australian Central Coast Mariners club before trying his luck in the clubs in Germany, South Africa, and Norway. However, After much negotiations, the sprinter couldn’t land up with a successful deal with the Central Coast Mariners club, with the club assigning Australian $3 million deal to the 100m world record holder.

“It’s sad it didn’t work out”, Usain Bolt told Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper.

“But We parted on good terms, and that’s a good thing.”

"I had a great experience with them. The guys were great -- we just couldn't work out things with the contract, but hopefully, I get another chance with another team." He added.

When arrived at the Derby Day horse races in Melbourne, Usain Bolt talks to Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper, assuring his fans that he will continue to work harder and will keep on pursuing his dream to become a professional footballer.

“For Sure, I will pursue my dream. We will see what happens. I think people are still contacting my agent now about opportunities, so we will see in which direction it goes.”

Usain Bolt was previously offered a contract by Maltese side Valette, however,  the sprinter denied the contract hoping to play at a higher level.