The Focus Should Be On Winning And Not Contracts: David DE GEA

| 3 months ago

Touted as one of the best keepers in the world right now, Spanish keeper De Gea will end his contract with Manchester United in 2019. While the United manager Jose Mourinho said that De Gea is unlikely to extend the contract, the latter rubbished all the talks saying that the focus right now should be on winning games rather than contracts.

"What matters is the team and all of us being focused on what we need to focus on, which is winning games, rather than contracts or any topics that can be a distraction. What matters is focusing on football.

"We have an important game against Everton and we have some big fixtures over the coming months. I think that's what matters, rather than thinking about anything else." De Gea told Sky Sports.

 Mourinho earlier stated that the United manager is unsure if Dea Gea will stay at the club and extend the contract. He went on to say that the Spanish goalkeeper is certainly the best and if the club certainly needs him as much as the fans.

"My comment is only one: everybody knows how good he is, everybody knows how important he is for Manchester United," Mourinho said.

"And if Manchester United wants to be better than it is now and not worse than it is now, obviously that would be very important to keep David." He added.

Manchester United is currently standing at the tenth position in the premier league, having lost three matches early in the tournament.