Usain Bolt’s Australian Football Dream Comes To An End

| 3 months ago

The 8-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt’s dream of making it to an Australian professional football club came to an after his contract with Central Coast Mariners club failed on Friday. In a bid to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a footballer, Usain Bolt was arrived in Australia in August to play for Australian Central Coast Mariners club.

While the club could only assign an Australian $3 million deal to the 100m world record holder, it was no way near from what Usain and his party were looking for.

"I would like to thank the Central Coast Mariners owners, management, staff, players and fans for making me feel so welcome during my time there," Bolt said.

"I wish the club success for the season ahead." Bolt added.

The 32-year old had also previously tried to live his dream of becoming a footballer in the clubs in Germany, South Africa, and Norway, however, things didn’t go his way.

Clube Mariners owner Mike Charlesworth also thanked Bolt for his time with the club.

"From day one, Usain dedicated himself to being part of the Mariners. He integrated very well into the team and made great strides as a footballer." He said

“For the Mariners, it’s been a pleasure to work with Usain as he pursued his desire to become a professional football player. He added.

Usain Bolt was previously offered a contract by Maltese side Valette, however, the sprinted denied the contract hoping to play at a higher level.