River Plate 'Mafia' Behind Attack On Boca Juniors' Bus

Tanuja Saikhom | 2 months ago

The Boca Juniors bus attack before the Copa Libertadores final second leg on Saturday was coordinated by River Plate hooligans described as the "mafia of Argentine soccer", said the mayor of Buenos Aires.

The match was delayed by 24 hours after the hideous incident, and then postponed on Sunday evening. Eventually, COMNEBOL said the leg will be rescheduled in the Tuesday meeting.

Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta said it was a revenge attack after police raided the house of a leader of the Barra Brava, a violent wing of River's hardcore support. An amount of 10 million pesos and 300 tickets for the final were confiscated from their possession.

The mayor added that this mafia has been embedded in football for more than 50 years. They are directly involved in the violent act.

According to South American football expert Tim Vickery, the hooliganism is a business and they make their money through illegal activities, including selling tickets on the black market.

Reports said several Boca players, including Carlos Tevez, Pablo Perez, Gonzalo Lamardo, and others were injured in the assault.