Jose Mourinho To Face No Further FA Action Over Alleged Abusive Language

Tanuja Saikhom | 1 month ago

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho will face no further action from the Football Association for allegedly using abusive language after a Premier League victory against Newcastle on October 6.

The 55-year-old was alleged to have sworn in Portuguese into a television camera, saying “f*** off you sons of b**” following United’s 3-2 win over Newcastle United in October at Old Trafford. The footage shows he was speaking into the camera after his side came back from 0-2 down, completing a heart thumping game with Alexis Sanchez’s 90th minute winner.

The United boss had appealed against the charge and it was heard at Wembley in November. Now the The FA on Monday stated that it was successful in respect of the appeal and he will face no further action will be taken against him.

“It also respects the decision of the Independent Regulatory Commission to dismiss the charge based on the legal argument submitted by Mr Mourinho,” FA said in a release.

In October, the association charged Mourinho with FA Rule 3A for his abusive, insulting and improper words directly towards the camera lens. After a series of trial, FA accepted the appeals and their outcomes and now the case is closed.

The FA, however, said it will continue to take action against abusive or improper behavior towards a camera.

“Whilst we accept that the Independent Regulatory Commission disagreed on this occasion, The FA wishes to make clear that it will continue to take action against Participants for any form of abusive, insulting, or improper language or behaviour, which is directed towards a camera,” it said.

Mourinho is facing criticism this season as his squad is struggling for the fourth place in the Premier League table.